Those Who Can't Draw Admire Those Who Can



David had practice all day everyday for the past two weeks. It was getting tiresome and meant that he was coming home when his girlfriend was already asleep. Finally, the practice of the week rolled around and the coach was feeling generous that day, he let everyone go home half an hour early. David quickly changed and ran home, he had some ideas for tonight, ones he couldn’t keep waiting.

“Y/N” he called in a sexy tone.

"Where are you meu amor?” His girlfriend was in the living room, sitting on the couch.

“In here darling” she hummed back. David smirked as he walked in, he sat down, bit his lip and wiggled his eyebrows at her. His girlfriend looked him up and down, desire in her eyes.

“Why don’t I mess with him?” she thought.

“You’re home early bebê, what’s the occasion?” his girlfriend said uncrossing her legs.

“Coach let us go early,” he said tracing a finger up her thigh. Y/N smirked closing her legs again. Messing with her shirt buttons until the top two came undone, she leaned in closer

“Well isn’t that a pleasant surprise” David couldn’t help it, he wanted her, he moved his hand higher up her thigh getting a few fingers under Y/N’s shorts. David leaned in to kiss her passionately. Y/N put her hand up to block him, she laughed a little. She moved to sit in his lap, unbuttoning more of her shirt, but not letting anything show. David moaned trying to kiss her again, but Y/N just kept teasing. She leaned back continuing to unbutton her shirt.

Getting off the couch, David eyes locked on her she pulled her shirt off. It was slung to the floor and David moved to get up, but Y/N pushed him down getting her mouth close to his neck. Y/N nipped his neck a little causing him to moan.

“Please baby can we” Y/N shook her head

“Not yet, I decide when we do, now you stay here”

She went into their room leaving David on the couch. Facing away from she tossed her shirt off and unhooked her bra. She tossed her bra at him, rolled back onto the bed, and beckoned him over with her finger. David picked the bra up with a smirk on his face. He took his shirt off, and then started to get his and Y/N pants off.

He went straight for her neck slowly making his way down south.
My smut assistant wrote this one for you guys! I’m going to start writing some :). I need to stop being a little pussy Lul. 😂💕. I’m going to try and write old ones again today :/. I need to catch up big time bruhs. A lot of requests LOOL. Hope you understand. 💕

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